Moore’s Law of Real Estate: Gunnar Branson at TEDxNaperville

A former playwright, actor and director, Gunnar Branson came to Chicago in the mid 1980’s and quickly fell in love with some of the most beautiful and powerful architecture of the 20th century.  He started working with commercial real estate companies where he focused on marketing, sales and innovation.  Today, he is the President & CEO of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM), a group of companies that engage in real estate investment management and collectively manage over $1 Trillion in assets.  Before joining NAREIM in 2011, Gunnar consulted companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle, Wells Fargo and Fidelity where he helped to develop new markets and products and held leadership roles in companies such as GE Capital Real Estate and Heller Financial.

TEDxNaperville 2012

Why Real Estate is Everything

Moore’s law of exponential shrinking applies to real estate too. The physical spaces in which we live, work, and play are transforming in front of our eyes and will eventually disrupt every aspect of our physical world an how we live in it. So what’s coming our way and how will it affect you?