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Family Law

Regardless of whether you are attempting a friendly end to your marriage—or if you expect a bitter battle—issues of property division, child custody, and possible spousal support must all be fully resolved before you can begin your new life. And before your divorce is final, you may need to negotiate a temporary legal agreement of these issues during a period of separation. Divorcing couples need our experienced divorce lawyers in Clemmons to resolve these and other issues.

How Our Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Our firm provides skilled legal support specific to the type of divorce you pursue, as follows:

Uncontested divorce: It is often in the best interests of divorcing couples to retain control over the issues involved in beginning separate lives. Although you may not believe you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, skilled Clemmons, North Carolina divorce lawyers can help facilitate effective negotiations between you and your spouse.

In addition to providing effective support through divorce mediation, divorce lawyer Darren Cranfill carries the full certification required to assist couples in Clemmons who are strongly committed to using the collaborative divorce process. Under this process, couples enter into a series of meetings with specially trained divorce lawyers, financial experts, family counselors, and other specialists needed to negotiate all terms of their divorce prior to the court date.

Contested divorce: Unfortunately, some couples have a contentious relationship that prevents them from agreeing to the terms of their divorce. Our attorneys have the experience and skills needed to protect the rights of their clients as they present their cases before a judge. As untiring advocate, Darren Cranfill takes the time to prepare each case to help couples emerge from the divorce process with the brightest future possible.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Clemmons, North Carolina

When choosing a law firm to represent the best interests of you and your children, you need an attorney with exceptional knowledge of Texas divorce law, combined with the negotiation skills to help you work with your spouse during this difficult time. Our firm will guide you compassionately through the legal process and toward the best possible future for you and your family.

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