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Real Estate Closings

In North Carolina, the real estate attorney usually does quite a bit of work, including some of the following:

  • Reviews the sales contract
  • Performs a title search that covers a 40 year time period
  • Checks for liens and past due taxes
  • Prepares a title report that a title company will issue a title binder
  • Reviews and prepares certain documents including a loan package
  • Prepares a Settlement Statement
  • Coordinates and Conducts the Actual Closing
  • Updates the Title and Records the Deed and Mortgage
  • Prepares a final title report for issuance of a title insurance policy
  • Reviews the title insurance policy and sends the original recorded Deed and other documents back to the buyer.

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Financial Freedom

When facing consumer debt issues, you need qualified legal advice. We listen to your individual circumstances and explains your legal options for obtaining financial stability. Whether you want to discharge your debt or you are seeking a loan modification, we are fully equipped to help.

Our firm is detail oriented and determined to achieve your goals. We understand that your bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossession is a stressful event in your life, so we are accessible and prepared to help.

Estate Planning

Our experienced Estate Planning lawyers pride themselves on presenting you with the right questions to make sure you have considered all available options before drafting your Will, Trust, or Powers of Attorney.

We will work with you to customize Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, and Business Succession plans to ensure your unique needs are met. Our firm was founded on the belief that lawyers should be pragmatic and flexible when dealing with a client’s situation.

Family Law

Divorce and other family law matters involve the most personal, complex, and important issues a person will likely ever face. At times like these, you need a skilled and trusted advisor.

We are experts in family law, able to help you achieve an efficient resolution out of court through smart negotiation. When aggressive litigation is necessary, our expertise can see you past this challenge with your rights fully protected. Whatever family law issues you face, let us help you move forward. Our team is ready to provide the personal service and wise counsel you deserve.

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