Traffic Defense Attorneys in North Carolina

We Know Traffic Laws

Traffic tickets are pretty common. Most of us have been there at some point.

Unfortunately, a lot of drivers just pay off the ticket and accept the consequences.

That’s precisely what you Should Not Do!

A traffic ticket can cost more than just fines and fees. Paying off a traffic ticket means that you are pleading guilty.

This could lead to your driver’s license being suspended. You will have points added to your license, and your car insurance rates could increase.

Call your insurance agent and discuss the ramifications of your ticket.

Ask how much your premiums will increase, and find out if you currently have any points on your insurance record.

You also must consider missed time at work due to taking care of the matter in court.

An experienced traffic attorney may be able to get you a reduced charge, such as improper equipment.

If we can get the charges reduced to improper equipment (a non-moving violation) = No Points on your drivers license or on your insurance.

There’s a good chance we can get your appearance in court waived and negotiate an agreement without you having to miss work or even go to court.

We handle traffic citations in Forsyth and Davie Counties of North Carolina

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Helping Drivers Effectively Deal with Traffic Offenses

The fact is, having an experienced traffic defense attorney on your side can make a difference as to what penalties you receive and how the consequences affect your life.

From dismissed cases to reduced fines and penalties, we work to minimize the consequences of traffic violation charges.

We can help you save your driver’s license and reduce the number of points on your insurance and/or driving record.

At Cranfill Law, we help all drivers deal with traffic offenses effectively and quickly.

We represent clients in both Forsyth and Davie Counties of North Carolina and respond quickly to client calls.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee results; however, our firm handles cases like this on a regular basis, and we have an excellent reputation.

While this ticket may seem minor to you, the long-term costs of paying it off could easily outweigh the fees.

Don’t make the mistake of going to court without an attorney; it’s Not worth the risk.

Our fee for representation is determined on a case-by-case basis.

After you have reviewed your options carefully with an attorney, we’re confident you’ll choose our firm to represent you.